• Real men don’t let rain ruin a fire.

    So you’re camping. And it rains. (Of course.) You could give up on having a fire, curl up in the tent and read your gal’s romance novel. (Just kidding). Real men know how to raid their gal’s cosmetic bag, soak some cotton balls in Vaseline, and use them as fire starters to get damp wood blazing in no time. Because there’s nothing more romantic than a crackling fire on a wet day.

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  • Real men know how to stack their firewood.

    One sure sign of a real man is a woodpile that won’t fall down. Real men carefully crisscross layers at each end of their woodpile, then build to the middle. And they never stack wood directly on the ground. Because there’s (almost) no shame more bitter than wet wood that won’t light.

  • Real men still grill in December.

    So we know someone who grilled outside all winter. In Minnesota. While her husband remodeled the kitchen. A little snow never stops real men (and some really tough women) from firing up the grill. Twenty below is just a good excuse to whip out the whiskey steak recipe – a little for the marinade, a little more for you.

  • Real men can start a fire without matches.

    When the first caveman invited the first cavewoman to dinner, do you think he skipped over to the corner store for a lighter? When real men run out of matches, they don’t break a sweat. Two sticks will work. Or a beer can and a chocolate bar. If all else fails, even a condom will do.

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  • Real men don’t use gas to start fires.

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    Those guys who need gasoline to get a flame? You’ve got to feel bad for them – must be an over-civilization thing. (Bet they use luggage with little wheels, too). All we know is they say it’s too hard to start fires without gas.

    And that makes us laugh.

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